Pedokür Hoof Oil

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the new way to care for hooves and prevent hoof diseases.
PEDOKÜR Hoof Oil - the easy way to keep hooves strong and healthy.
PEDOKÜR Hoof Oil cares for the hoof in a very special way as it is absorbed by the horn and does not block the hoof pores. Special ingredients, pure vegetable oil and daily application of PEDOKÜR Hoof Oil guarantee positive effects and strong hoofs. PEDOKÜR Hoof Oil prevents crumbling walls and thrush, shoes last longer. Good hoof care prevents inflammations and growth disorders, and promotes the formation of sufficient keratin and intracellular cement.
Application: Clean hoofs thoroughly. Apply PEDOKÜR Hoof Oil with a brush. It is quickly absorbed through the hoof pores and does not smear. One bottle is sufficient for one horse for approx. 2 months, so that PEDOKÜR Hoof Oil is very economical to use.
Composition: 100% pure vegetable oil plus oil of avocado, jojoba,

kr 150,00