The hoof revitalizing treatment.
Brittle hoof horn? Brittle and soft hoof horn lack important nutrients. After applying PEDOCRYL, visibly more beautiful hooves!
Replaces missing and repairs damaged glaze on the horse's hoof. Missing nutrients are specifically restored to the hoof.
PEDOCRYL Power Varnish specifically restores missing nutrients to the hoof. Strong, well-conditioned hooves are the result. Straight to the effect.
This care product is applied simply to the hoof. The unique active formula ensures that important elements such as keratin, zinc and methionine (sulphur provider) penetrate quickly and directly into the horn. There, they regenerate the hooves, retain moisture and restore lost firmness and elasticity.
Visibly beautiful hooves in just a few weeks.
PEDOCRYL Power Varnish penetrates overnight deep into the hoof.
PEDOCRYL Power Varnish - the hoof revitalizing treatment.
• Penetrates deep into the hoof horn • Strengthens and stabilizes the hoof • More beautiful and better conditioned hooves within a few weeks.
Application: The hoof should be well cleaned and dry before treatment. Apply a thin coat of PEDOCRYL Power Varnish with the brush to the surface of the hoof, wiping the brush off well! The product is very economical!
Allow PEDOCRYL Power Varnish to dry briefly (about 3 minutes) - ready! Repeat the treatment if the varnish is absorbed very quickly- this means the hoof is extremely dry. In acute cases PEDOCRYL Power Varnish can be applied daily, otherwise we recommend a weekly application.
Contains: Water, BIOCERALAC-complex, D-panthenol, natural film formers.

kr 150,00