Pedocan Hoof Strengthener

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PEDOCAN hoof strengthener - indispensible for regular hoof care and protection against dry brittle hooves.
PEDOCAN hoof strengthener disinfects, protects and care in a natural way to make the hoof eespecially strong. By means of high oils, fats and special ingredients the pores of the hoof are invigorated with rapid penetration. It promotes growth, keeps the hoof elastic, stops its drying out and becoming brittle and protects from infection. Contents: natural rape-seed oil, natural bay-leaf oil, avocado oil, valuable essential oils.
Use: Can the hoof, apply PEDOCAN with a hoof brush. Rub in above the hair line. Afterwards treat the whole hoof both inside and out. If the frog or sole is unusualy dry, rub in a quantity of PEDOCAN hoof strenghtener and cover. If used every day improvement can be seen after just one week. Note: Avoid contact with the eyes and mucous membrane. For use on animals only.

kr 140,00