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Now it's easy to keep your horse's hoofs strong and healthy.
PEDOCAN Hoofoil balm conditions the hoof in a special way by being absorbed by the hoof and not blocking the pores.
PEDOCAN Hoofoil balm with its special ingredients and pure vegetable oil is beneficial and strengthens the hoofs when applied daily. Horseshoes last longer, loose hoof-walls and frog-rot are avoided.
Good care also prevents inflammation and growth deficiencies in the hoofs.
Application: Clean hoofs thoroughly. Simply apply PEDOCAN Hoofoil balm with a brush. Is quickly absorbed through the hoof pores and so does not smear.
As one can is enough for a horse for approx. 2-3 months, PEDOCAN Hoofoil balm is economic to use.
Composition: Natural rape-seed oil, natural waxes, wintergreen oil, bay-leaf oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, natural gloss.

kr 140,00